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The information in this site was originally researched and compiled by students in CSD 3510 Stuttering at the University of Minnesota Duluth, during spring quarter 1997. The creation of this site constituted one piece of a larger public relations class project designed to educate the public about stuttering. These students have since graduated and moved on in their lives, but their web page lives on for the public to read and enjoy.

What is Stuttering?

 Who is Likely to Stutter?

Phenomenology of Stuttering

Onset and Development

Do's and Don'ts When Speaking with Someone Who Stutters

Effects of Stuttering on the Individual

Theories of Cause

Public Perceptions of Stuttering 2001

Public Perceptions of Stutering 2002

Quick Facts about Stuttering

Therapy and Its Importance

Additional Resources

 Famous People Who Stutter

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Original authors:
Laura Doty, Julie Farnsworth, Melissa Jorgenson, Valerie LaPorte, Lisa Mitchell,
Sara Mullenmaster,Tamara Pelletier, and Tracie Randolph

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