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UMD Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory

University of Minnesota Duluth, Department of Geological Sciences

Contact Information

Bryan Bandli
SEM Laboratory Manager
Phone: 218-726-7362

Mailing Address:
229 Heller Hall
1114 Kirby Dr
Duluth, MN 55812

Other Accessory Equipment

Deben Cool Stage
This device allows for the precise control of sample temperature over a range from -25 C to +50 C. This allows for extended observation of samples containing water without loss of the water due to sublimation. It is also be useful for the observation of heat-sensitive samples and will allow for dynamic experiments involving temperature sensitive materials.
JEOL SNS Navigation System
This system obtains a digital image of the entire sample holder. This image is referenced to the stage position and is used as a tool to drive the stage to areas of interest on the sample holder. It is a very interactive system allowing a direct visible record of the sample as it is placed in the microscope which can then be used as a navigation tool. This system increases sample throughput and help reduce the time spent moving from area to area on a sample.

Keithley Picoammeter
Keithley Picoammeter

This device connects to the sample stage and measures the amount of current passing through a sample to ground. This tool is useful for determining the amount of current absorbed by a sample and, with the use of a Faraday cup, it is possible to directly measure the total beam current being supplied by the microscope. The ability to measure the beam current directly is useful when optimizing elemental analysis by EDS or conducting microelectronic experiments.

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