Satisfactory/ Non-Satisfactory Grading Policy

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Satisfactory/Non-satisfactory (S/N) Grading Policy

Effective: January 13, 2016
Last Updated:Approved by TLC 11-18-15; approved by EVCAA 11-20-15
Policy Owner: Academic Affairs

Limits on the use of S/N grades (see Grading and Transcripts Policy for definitions of S and N).

1. The maximum number of University of Minnesota S/N credits permitted within the total of University credits in the degree is 20 credits.

2. No unit will allow S/N grading in major course work unless the S/N grading system is preset by the unit for specific courses.

3. For a student who completes only the minimum number of 30 credits at the University, no more than 8 of the 30 credits may be taken S/N.

4. Subject to the overall University policy contained in #1 above, colleges, campuses, and programs may specify what courses or proportion of courses taken by its students or its prospective students must be on the A/F or S/N grading system, not to exceed 20 required S/N credits

a. In exceptional cases only, such as may occur with a student coming to UMD specifically to obtain student teaching credit, #4 is intended to over- ride #3. Students should always consult with their advisors before registering for S/N graded courses.