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About the Tutoring Center


Certified Since 1994

"...tutoring certification looks great on a résumé"


The Tutoring Center offers free academic assistance in a diverse learning community to UMD students enrolled in a wide range of high-risk and high-demand courses, while providing an opportunity for high-achieving undergraduate students to learn and develop tutoring and leadership skills.

Awards & Achievements

Over 6,500 tutors have participated  in UMD’s credit-based peer tutoring program, which has documented over 347,000 tutorials since its inception in 1987. The Program has been certified since 1994 by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), and tutors can earn three levels of lifetime, international tutor certification while tutoring in the Center.

Staff & Faculty

The TC is housed under the Academic Writing & Learning Center (AWLC). Please see UMD’s organizational chart for more information.

Student Workers

    • Tutoring Center  (218) 726-6248
    • Josie Ales (SCSE)
    • Yongming He (SCSE)
    • Hunter House (SCSE)
    • Taya Kremer (CEHSP)
    • Thomas LaRose (LSBE)
    • Sam Loraas (SCSE)
    • Anna Neuman (CEHSP)