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Tutors on Duty

UMD offers FREE tutoring year-round for UMD students in several subject areas. 

FALL and SPRING Semesters
FALL 2019 Courses
  • BIOL_1001, BIOL_1011, BIOL_1012, BIOL_2201, BIOL_3100
  • ACCT_2001, ACCT_2002, ACCT_3101, ECON_1003, ECON_1022, ECON_1023, ECON_2030, FIN_3601, MATH_1160, MGTS_3301, MIS_2201
  • CHEM_1103, CHEM_1113, CHEM_1114, CHEM_1153, CHEM_1155, CHEM_1173, CHEM_1175, CHEM_2222, CHEM_2541, CHEM_2542
  • CHE_1011, CHE_2121, CHE_2211, CHE_3111
  • CS_1121, CS_1511, CS_1521, CS_1581, CS_2511, CS_2521, CS_2531
  • AMIN_1103, AMIN_1104, ASL_2001, ASL_2002, ASL_3003, ASL_3004, ASL_4005, GER_1101, GER_1102, GER_1201, GER_1202, GER_2301, LING_1811, LING_2101, SPAN_1101, SPAN_1102, SPAN_1201, SPAN_1202, SPAN_2301
  • MATH_103, MATH_1005, MATH_1024, MATH_1140, MATH_1142, MATH_1160, MATH_1250, MATH_1296, MATH_1297, MATH_3280, MATH_3298, STAT_1141, STAT_2411, STAT_3611
  • AST_1040, PHYS_1001, PHYS_1002, PHYS_2013, PHYS_2015, PHYS_2017, PHYS_2018

SUMMER 2019 Tutoring Information

For dedicated and conscientious summer students here are some Summer Study Tips to help keep you on focus.

SUMMER 2019 Courses and Schedule

Three tutors are on staff this summer for in-person and online tutoring from May 20 to August 22,  11:30am to 2:30pm, Monday through Thursday