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Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That's why it's so hard.

- David McCullough


The Writers’ Workshop specifically supports English as a Second Language (ESL) writers by offering the services of ESL experts and providing language-focused study groups and drop-in sessions. 

For a quick language tip, please click on the image below or, if you missed one, visit our Writing Tip of the Week Archive.

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ESL Experts

If English is not your first language, you may want to choose one of our ESL experts from our consultants' page when making your Writers’ Workshop appointment. All of our consultants are prepared to work with any writer including English learners; however, ESL specialists are trained to address specific language concepts and patterns that English learners may find challenging. In addition to appointments during Workshop hours, ESL writers can meet with the ESL specialist during office hours or by appointment at to work more intensively on a piece of writing.

What writers are saying: 
"I really appreciate your help with my applications to the Ph.D. programs. I still cannot believe the results. It is thanks to your help." "Your instruction on my English writing and reading has given me significant linguistic inspirations and improved my English abilitiy."  Graduate student
"Thank you for your time and assistance today. I appreciated your abilitiy to hone in on what we were looking for and to provide helpful feedback in a prompt manner."  UMD faculty

Study Groups and Drop-in Sessions 

Our Study Groups and Drop-in Sessions are designed for UMD students and scholars whose first language is not English. They are free, not for credit, and taught by the Writers' Workshop's ESL specialist. These groups will help you become a better writer and more proficient at English overall, which will benefit you across all subject areas. If you have a suggestion for a topic or study group, please contact We will be happy to accommodate your request as time permits. 

What undergraduate and graduate students are saying: 
"I really enjoyed to attend all learning topics in English class. One of my favorite activities was to argue a popular issue as part of a debate."  
"Thank you for providing such a friendly and enjoyable learning process. It was great and effective!" 
"It is a very useful class on English grammar, showing in detail how to use English correctly in every specific context." 
"It is very helpful to students."