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International Studies minor

Program Type: 
History, Political Science & International Studies

Want to change the world? Start by exploring multiple perspectives: global, cultural, national …
So you think you have issues? Now think about the challenges and opportunities for the global community or even different regions of the world. 

Flexibility to choose your own focus from a long list of electives, covering many different disciplines, including Anthropology, Art History, Communications, Political Science …
Numerous short-term study abroad program opportunities through CLA and other College departments.
INTS faculty who are known internationally, leaders in their fields, and who care about students.

Acquired Skills

Ability to influence mutually acceptable agreements by understanding issues from a variety of perspectives.

What you can do with this degree?

Every career requires a knowledge of world affairs. Our minors have majors from across UMD and have a wide variety of careers, including advocacy, business, government, the military, law, and teaching.