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Temporary Health Conditions

Temporary Services may be available for UMD students who need assistance accessing their courses due to a temporary health condition. Temporary health conditions are those resolved in a matter of weeks or a few months. They are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Courtesy Services are not guaranteed.

A student who is hospitalized may contact the Student Life Office at (218) 726-8501 or This office will notify faculty members of the situation; however, this notification does not excuse the student from class. No retroactive notice of absence will be sent.

Students are expected to make their own arrangements for assistance when possible. Examples of this include:

  • Ask a roommate for transportation.
  • Seek notes from another student in the class.
  • Ask the professor to locate a scribe for an exam.

If the student needs additional assistance, they must meet with a disability specialist to initiate Temporary Services.

Step 1

To work with Disability Resources, the student must obtain a written statement from the professional treating their condition to verify the need for Temporary Services. This statement must be written on letterhead and should:

  • Verify the dates of the student's absence from class
  • Address:
    • The feasibility and time frame for returning to class
    • The relevant limitations of the condition, such as "cannot walk more than 30 feet"
    • The type of assistance needed
    • The length of time the assistance will be needed

Step 2

If the disability specialist determines the student qualifies for assistance with note taking and/or testing, all Disability Resources procedures must be followed.

Step 3

The student is responsible for contacting each of his/her instructors to explain their absence, share the professional's written statement, and determine the time frame to make up work.

Step 4

The student may contact the UMD offices listed below for additional aid. The student may need to show the statement of temporary health condition to verify the need for service.

Step 5

If the health condition prevents the student from attending classes for an extended period of time, the student must discuss the circumstances with each of his/her instructors. Each instructor will advise the student on how the absence will affect the student's grade and whether it is feasible to remain enrolled in the class.

If it is necessary for the student to withdraw from the University after the deadline, the student may contact their Student Affairs office or the Office of Financial Aid and Registrar, (218) 726-8000, to begin the withdrawal process. A letter from the professional treating the condition supporting withdrawal from the University will be needed.

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