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Office of Admissions Professional Internship


Need some experience in a professional setting?

Do you Like to travel?

Apply now for the Office of Admissions Professional Internship!

This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience before graduating from UMD.

Common Questions Asked about the internship:

What is the length of the internship?

The internship begins in early August with participation in the Admissions Counseling Institute which is a new Admissions professional traninng program conducted by the Minnesota Association of College Admissions Counselors. This is a great way to meet other new professionals in Admissions and get a good overview of the professionl. Participation in the program is mandatory. After that, your training will begin on campus and the internship will last until the last week of classes for Fall Semester.

Do I have to drive my own car? (Travel-based position)

No. One will be provided for you given that you have a clean driving record.

Can I take classes during the Fall Semester?

For the travel-based position, we will allow the following: Internship credits, independent studies, and online courses. However the person needs to take great care that the coursework and job responsibilities are balanced. Due to frequent travel obligations, participating in regular day courses is not allowed. If you participate in the office-based internship, you may take one class during the daytime, but will still need a total of at least 6 credits, but no more than a total of 9.

How many credits can I earn?

This will vary by department you are working with for internship credit. Past interns have typically earned between 6 and 8 credits.

Do I need department approval to participate?

Yes. If you are the candidate we select for the internship, you will need to get departmental approval prior to leaving campus at the end of Spring Semester.

How much travel will I need to do? (Travel-based position)

This does vary each year depending on our departmental needs, however, students can plan on about 8 weeks of travel which will primarily begin Sunday evenings and will be completed Thursdays. There will also be occasional Saturday visit programs that will also require your participation.

Are my travel expenses paid during the internship? (Travel-based position)

YES! All meals and lodging charges incurred while traveling for UMD is reimbursable. However keep in mind there are some limitations as well (no whirlpool suites and lobster meals everyday, please)

Is traveling all I do for this internship?

Absolutely not! Participants in this internship will also be meeting with prospective students and families when they visit campus, answer phone calls from prospective students, parents and, high school counselors, and review admission applications throughout the semester. In addition, we also have interns complete a project for our office which will be presented at the end of the semester. What this project will be is determined in the first couple of months of the internship.

I'm interested in the office-based position. What will I be expected to do?

You will be meeting with prospective students and families, attending all Campus Visit programs, including ALL Saturdays, review application files, and assisting full-time staff. As this is a new position, duties will be subject to some changes.


How much does it pay?

The hourly rate for Fall 2013 will be $8.00 / hr. The position is 40 hours per week for the travel-based position and 30-40 hours per week for the office-based position.

For more information, you can contact:

Dan Tomhave -

Dan can also be reached at 726-8812 or stop into the Office of Admissions in Solon Campus Center 25

Application materials can also be dowloaded here as well.

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