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Over 150 Majors and Minors

Tucked into 87 square miles of adventure, entertainment & opportunity.

Students enjoying time together at UMD's annual Welcome Week celebration.

Why UMD?

THE most frequently asked question. As for the answer ... well, just as our student body is diverse and distinct, so are the reasons to choose UMD. For some students, it might be the opportunity to take part in some of the 270+ clubs and organizations or the chance to play varsity athletics for a team with National Championship under their belt.

For others, it might be the chance to take a study break in the 11,000 acres of public space, on the 160+ miles of hiking trails or along the shores of the mightiest of the great lakes. Still others might want to take advantage of Duluth’s thriving arts scene, where one can find a seemingly endless list of live music, theater, film, comedy, dance and art events every week all year long.

What’s your biggest strength?

Think of us as the middle bear of the University of Minnesota system. In that we’re just right. Not too big, not too small. Over 150 majors and minors taught by world-class faculty in a campus community where one-on-one instruction and guidance is the rule, not the exception.

How big is UMD?

High aerial photo of the UMD campus.

UMD's main campus is located on 244 acres and the majority of the campus (over 50 buildings) are inter-connected by a vast series of hallway systems, skyways, and concourses.

As for the student body, Duluth's campus enrolls 11,093 students, 9,120 of whom are undergraduates working toward baccalaureate degrees. 1,070 students are enrolled in graduate or professional programs, including 126 students enrolled in our School of Medicine and 229 in the College of Pharmacy.

How diverse is UMD?

1,159 students of color and 295 international students are currently enrolled at UMD, which is 13.1% of our total student population.