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Small class sizes. Big opportunities.

UMD's variety of degree programs offers students an array of academic options.

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Academic Information

With over 150 majors and minors including 6 pre-professional programs, UMD offers you an expansive array of academic choices. Active learning through internships, honors programs, research, study abroad programs, and community service promotes the development of skills, critical thinking, and maturity highly sought by employers, graduate and professional schools, and society as a whole.

At UMD, a strong liberal arts foundation anchors a variety of traditional degree programs. Our liberal education program is designed to help you:

  • Develop the art of critical thinking
  • Examine basic values in light of the thought and experience of humankind
  • Become a leader and a champion of social responsibility, including learning to tolerate the ideas of others
  • Encourage broad cultural and intellectual interests
  • Develop effective communication abilities


A professor at a chalkboard, instructing a class.

In all of your classes at UMD, you'll be guided by excellent professors, each of them leaders in their field who care passionately about teaching and have a deep commitment to undergraduate education.

And, at UMD, you’ll have the chance to work with them one-on-one and get the kind of personal attention to your education that most liberal arts colleges can only hope to strive for. In large lectures and small seminars alike, you'll find the faculty of UMD available, accessible and eager to help you succeed.

Class Size

Our student to faculty ratio is just 17:1. In fact, over 83% of our classes have 40 students or less.