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Bill Shipley ’66 oversaw the art department at New York City’s Trinity School before retiring and moving back to the Northland, where he’s originally from. He’s been a docent at the Tweed Museum of Art since 2005. 

“The experience of visiting the Chisholm Museum in Duluth when I was a fifth-grader defined who I am. I love the idea of going to museums; that’s why I’m here. I’m 75 now and age is a real thing, but this keeps me young. It keeps me going.” 

Kimberly Newton ’14 (center) is the chair of a new UMD alumni group, Bulldogs of the Last Decade (BOLD), that jumped in to help with Homecoming 2016. The group is also making plans to offer professional development opportunities for alumni. 

“We spent beautiful years at UMD, and now we want to give back. We have so much pride in our school, and so much pride in athletics, we want to invest our time in building Bulldog spirit and supporting recent grads.” 

Andy Moravec ’00 (center) and Amber Sexe Moravec ’99 joined Derek Schauls ’00 at the UMD Campus Preview event. 

"When a family came looking for directions to their meeting with a coach, I walked them to the Sports and Health Center,” says Derek Schauls ’00. He channeled his inner tour guide as an alumni volunteer at a 2016 Campus Preview event. Derek likes to tell visitors, “Look out of any window on campus, and you can see the lake.”