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Personal Art Web Site

This site contains information about Jim Brutger's personal art work. It is divided into various parts. Each part pertains to a different media that reflects a period of time or mood direction. To see a larger version of the photographs - click on the smaller icon image


Color Photos

Najar,Spain. Canal boat in Birmingham, England. Portmeiron, Snowdonia. Conway, North Wales. Ferry between England and France. Face in the Window - Prague. Red Umbrella, St. Vitus Cathedral - Prague. Palma,Majorca. Royal Palace - Prague. Hungarian Village.

Black and White Photos

Harbor Bridge. (High contrast Kodalith)

  • Suken Boats. (High Contrast Kodalith)

    Chipmonk on Stump. (High Contrast Kodalith)

    Mom and Child. (High Contrast Kodalith)

    Harbor Bird.


    Duluth Harbor. (High Contrast Kodalith)

    Boat Chain.

  • Fog and Trees.

  • Crewmember.

  • Lighthouse.

  • Houses.

  • Washline Shadows. (High Contrast Kodalith)

  • Ship Ropes.

    China Series

    The following photos are part of a series of photographs taken over a period of three visits to China. They were produced by projecting slides of the subjects onto kodalith film and developing with kodalith A and B developer. The negatives (2" by 3") were then scanned from a flatbed scanner to Adobe Photoshop. In Adobe they were reversed to read as the positive photos you see below.

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