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3-Year Program Assessment Cycle

UMD's 3-Year Program Assessment Cycle

Across a 3-year cycle, each program learning outcome for the program is assessed and reported at least one time.

In the years that one or more program learning outcomes are not reported, approved changes to potentially improve student learning on the outcomes are implemented. Programs complete a Closing-the-Loop Update the year after assessment is conducted to provide the status of any changes for the learning outcomes informed by assessment data. The effectiveness of the change(s) is evaluated through analysis of assessment results during the next year in which the program learning outcome(s) is assessed, which officially closes the loop on the previously submitted assessment report for the outcome(s).

Undergraduate programs determine their own reporting schedules for the 3-year cycle; refer to the table below for the reporting schedule across cycles. Example: Undergraduate Program A has 4 program learning outcomes.

  • Year 1 = program learning outcomes 1 and 2 reported.
  • Year 2 = program learning outcome 3 reported.
  • Year 3 = program learning 4 reported. 

Graduate programs agreed upon a common reporting schedule for graduate learning goal categories. Graduate program learning outcomes are reported initially as follows and continues based on the table below:

  • Program Learning Outcome(s) for Goal 2: Assessment Year 2016-17 | Report Fall 2017 
  • Program Learning Outcomes for Goals 1 and 3: Assessment Year 2017-18 | Report Fall 2018
  • Program Learning Outcomes for Goals 4 and 5: Assessment Year 2018-19 | Report Fall 2019

Assessment Years Based on 3-Year Cycle
Program Learning Outcome SetAssessment Year (1) Assesssment Year (2) Assessment Year (3)
Report Fall 2018
Report Fall 2021
Report Fall 2024
Report Fall 2019
Report Fall 2022
Report Fall 2025
Report Fall 2020
Report Fall 2023
Report Fall 2026