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Program Assessment Report

The Annual Program Assessment Report

UMD implemented a new program reporting procedure fall 2018, in which each program submits one report. The report template and instructions are provided below.

Download the Annual Program Assessment Report template and save the document to include the program and assessment year in the file name. Example: Amazing Program AY19 APA Report. If the program name is the same for the undergraduate and graduate levels, be sure to indicate the distinction in the file name using BS or MS; BASc or MA; etc. The document may be shared with others so that they may contribute assessment data/information directly into the report.

      FileAnnual Program Assessment Report Template: AY 2018-19

Instructions for completing the report:

Section 1: Enter the basic program information. 

Section 2: Copy and paste the box of items shown for each program learning outcome being reported for the assessment year. If the program is reporting on only one learning outcome, then no copying/pasting is necessary. Once the report includes the correct number of boxes for the program learning outcomes reported, add the information specified:

      1. Program Learning Outcome: the outcome statements are listed on the assessment plan.
      2. UMD SLO/GLGC primary alignment: identify only one campus SLO (undergraduate programs) or Graduate Learning Goal Category (graduate programs); the number is clearly stated on the assessment plan.
      3. Brief description of the assessment measure(s): describe the assessment measure(s) in more detail here than what is provided on the assessment plan; any reader should be able to get a sense of the assessment measure based on the description. Note: Measures are the students' work. A rubric is not a measure, but rather a tool used to assess the measures (see Resources). 
      4. Data and results summary: present a summary of the data and the results; be sure to show the total number assessed and the number that met satisfactory performance.
      5. Interpretations of results: compare the results presented above to the program's standard for student learning to determine if the outcome was met for the assessment year (undergraduate programs list the standards as performance indicators on the assessment plan); also reflect back on changes in student performance since the previous report of the learning outcome and describe the program's attributions for changes that may be present (if applicable).
      6. Recommendations for improvement as informed by the assessment data: given the interpretations of the data as having met/not met the program's standard for student learning, describe any changes the program plans to make to affect student learning and/or assessment practices

Section 3: Provide responses to the three items for the year's assessment work as a whole. 

The Annual Program Assessment Report for AY2018-19 will be due Monday, September 16, 2019. Details for submitting the report will be posted in April 2019.