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Campus Assessment Subcommittee

Assessment Oversight through Shared Governance

The Assessment Subcommittee advises on the continuous development of the UMD assessment process including both academic and other educational programs. The committee serves as a resource for student learning assessment activities across campus and facilitates interdisciplinary groups to review student learning assessment reports, data and activities. (UMD Bylaws, 2017)

Each year, the Assessment Subcommittee works on assessment-related initiatives to improve upon campus assessment practices, reviews various campus assessment reports, and provides findings to the Teaching and Learning Committee, other shared governance committees, and administrators. 

2018-19 Initiatives 

  • Workgroups within the subcommittee explored the development of student learning outcomes and related measures for:
    • Dual-credit programs (CITS and PSEO)
    • Student workers
    • Internships/practica
    • Student leadership training
  • The Subcommittee endorsed and contributed to the application materials for the Excellence in Assessment designation.

2017-18 Initiatives 

  • The peer review rubric was reviewed and revised to a rating form. The new form will be implemented fall 2018.
  • Ideas for a campus recognition event for assessment of student learning were collected. The ideas helped to inform the creation of the first event for fall 2018.
  • A Co-Curricular Assessment Community of Practice was established to provide networking and support among co-curricular PALs.
  • The use of alumni surveys as part of student learning assessment was analyzed. The Subcommittee recommended alumni surveys for more effective use in program review than annual assessment.

The Assessment Subcommittee meeting minutes are available online.

The complete listing of Assessment Subcommittee members is available on the Contacts page.