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Faculty and Co-Curricular Program Staff Activities

Program Assessment Activities Conducted by Faculty and Co-Curricular Program Staff 

Faculty: for all credit-bearing courses throughout the year

  • Include course SLOs on course syllabi.
  • Conduct assessment of the course SLOs. Analyze course assessment results and identify potential improvements for teaching and student learning.
  • Report course assessment results to PAL(s) as appropriate for course alignment to program learning outcomes. For example, a course may be used for a major's program assessment as well as Liberal Education Program assessment.

    PDF iconA Guide for Documenting Assessment of Student Learning Activities in Works

Co-Curricular Program Staff: for program assessment and professional development

Faculty and Co-Curricular Program Staff: for program assessment

  • Fall: Ensure assessment results are submitted to PAL(s) to maintain reporting processes specified in the program's assessment plan.
  • Fall: Meet as a program to discuss assessment results and identify programmatic areas for improvement of student learning (this information is needed for program assessment reports PALs complete).
  • Spring: Meet as a program to determine the closing-the-loop update information for the PAL to report.

Faculty and Co-Curricular Program Staff: for professional development in the area of student learning assessment

  • Attend campus assessment workshops as desired and/or required (e.g., department specific trainings).