Game Highs and Lows

Game-by-Game Highs

THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Minnesota-Duluth Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 08, 2002) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Colorado-Colorado Spri 11/16/01 66-74 L 13-Raymond, Ben 8-Stanley, Chri 4-Williams, Mat 2-Boman, Ryan 3-Determan, Dan Nettleton, Ja Cheney, Nick at U. of Southern Colorad 11/17/01 55-65 L 16-Jason Schneew 9-Jason Schneew 3-Marcus Jackso 1-Jake Nettleto 1-Jason Schneew Marcus Jackso Ryan Boman Chris Stanley MONTEVALLO (AL) 11/23/01 75-69 W 16-Stanley, Chri 7-Raymond, Ben 8-Jackson, Marc 3-Stanley, Chri 2-Raymond, Ben Nettleton, Ja Stanley, Chri Nettleton, Ja SOUTH DAKOTA STATE 11/24/01 72-89 L 15-Schneeweis, J 7-Schneeweis, J 3-Nettleton, Ja 5-Williams, Mat 3-Determan, Dan Nettleton, Ja Williams, Mat at North Dakota State Uni 11/28/01 80-89 L 24-Jason Schneew 10-Jason Schneew 4-Marcus Jackso 2-Marcus Jackso None SOUTHWEST STATE 12/07/01 74-54 W 18-Raymond, Ben 8-Schneeweis, J 4-Stanley, Chri 3-Jackson, Marc 1-Nettleton, Ja WAYNE STATE (NE) 12/08/01 70-49 W 23-Nettleton, Ja 9-Schneeweis, J 3-Denny, Hudson 2-Jackson, Marc 2-Schneeweis, J Stanley, Chri Cheney, Nick at North Dakota 12/12/01 54-67 OL 24-Chris Stanley 16-Jason Schneew 6-Marcus Jackso 3-Nick Cheney 2-Jason Schneew MINNESOTA STATE-MANKATO 12/15/01 88-65 W 25-Stanley, Chri 14-Schneeweis, J 5-Cheney, Nick 3-Nettleton, Ja 1-Schneeweis, J Stanley, Chri Williams, Mat Stanley, Chri Determan, Dan MICHIGAN TECH 12/21/01 61-77 L 22-Schneeweis, J 10-Schneeweis, J 2-Jackson, Marc 1-Kramer, Tony 2-Schneeweis, J Raymond, Ben Cheney, Nick Williams, Mat Denny, Hudson Stanley, Chri Schneeweis, J Nettleton, Ja Raymond, Ben Williams, Mat at Minnesota State-Moorhe 12/29/01 63-75 L 11-Rothschadl, M 6-Determan, Dan 5-Williams, Mat 4-Jackson, Marc 1-Determan, Dan Stanley, Chri Jackson, Marc at Minnesota, Crookston 12/30/01 73-72 W 25-Nettleton, Ja 5-Raymond, Ben 3-Williams, Mat 3-Williams, Mat None Nettleton, Ja Cheney, Nick Schneeweis, J Nettleton, Ja at Bemidji State Universi 01-05-02 80-82 L 26-Nettleton, Ja 9-Determan, Dan 3-Jackson, Marc 1-Cheney, Nick 1-Determan, Dan Jackson, Marc NORTHERN STATE 1/11/02 79-72 W 21-Schneeweis, J 16-Schneeweis, J 4-Williams, Mat 4-Schneeweis, J 1-Cheney, Nick Schneeweis, J Stanley, Chri MINNESOTA, MORRIS 1/12/02 97-53 W 14-Nettleton, Ja 10-Cheney, Nick 6-Williams, Mat 2-Cheney, Nick 3-Cheney, Nick Jackson, Marc Williams, Mat at Concordia-St. Paul 01/18/02 68-46 W 14-Jackson, Marc 7-Raymond, Ben 7-Nettleton, Ja 5-Jackson, Marc 3-Schneeweis, J at Winona State 1-19-02 71-65 W 18-Schneeweis, J 9-Schneeweis, J 5-Stanley, Chri 2-Jackson, Marc 3-Schneeweis, J Raymond, Ben at Wayne State College 1-25-02 66-61 W 20-Schneeweis, J 13-Schneeweis, J 4-Stanley, Chri 1-Williams, Mat 2-Schneeweis, J Jackson, Marc Determan, Dan Nettleton, Ja Schneeweis, J at Southwest State 1/26/02 65-64 W 18-Nettleton, Ja 10-Schneeweis, J 5-Cheney, Nick 2-Schneeweis, J None MINNESOTA, CROOKSTON 2-01-02 84-43 W 21-Nettleton, Ja 14-Schneeweis, J 7-Williams, Mat 3-Williams, Mat 2-Schneeweis, J
THE STAT CREW SYSTEM Minnesota-Duluth Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 08, 2002) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nettleton, Ja Determan, Dan MINNESOTA STATE-MOORHEAD 2/02/02 71-45 W 18-Nettleton, Ja 8-Cheney, Nick 4-Stanley, Chri 2-Stanley, Chri 1-Determan, Dan Stanley, Chri Denny, Hudson Schneeweis, J BEMIDJI STATE UNIVERSITY 2/9/02 57-61 L 11-Williams, Mat 11-Raymond, Ben 2-Williams, Mat 1-Raymond, Ben 1-Schneeweis, J Raymond, Ben Stanley, Chri Cheney, Nick Nettleton, Ja at Minnesota-Morris 2/15/02 78-55 W 24-Schneeweis, J 19-Schneeweis, J 3-Jackson, Marc 2-Schneeweis, J 1-Schneeweis, J at Northern State Univers 2/16/02 61-63 L 23-Stanley, Chri 12-Schneeweis, J 4-Stanley, Chri 3-Stanley, Chri 2-Schneeweis, J Jackson, Marc Cheney, Nick WINONA STATE 02/22/02 77-65 W 19-Nettleton, Ja 13-Schneeweis, J 4-Raymond, Ben 3-Nettleton, Ja 1-Schneeweis, J CONCORDIA-ST. PAUL 02/23/02 78-60 W 23-Nettleton, Ja 10-Schneeweis, J 5-Cheney, Nick 1-Schneeweis, J 2-Determan, Dan Williams, Mat Jackson, Marc WAYNE STATE (NE) 02/27/02 79-62 W 19-Schneeweis, J 12-Schneeweis, J 8-Jackson, Marc 2-Jackson, Marc 1-Williams, Mat vs Bemidji State 03/02/02 69-58 W 23-Stanley, Chri 13-Schneeweis, J 8-Jackson, Marc 3-Stanley, Chri 1-Jackson, Marc vs Southwest State 03/03/02 59-57 W 18-Schneeweis, J 12-Schneeweis, J 3-Jackson, Marc 1-Williams, Mat None vs Metropolitan State 3-8-2002 61-66 L 16-Jason Schneew 9-Jason Schneew 6-Marcus Jackso 1-Marcus Jackso 2-Jason Schneew