Choosing a major or minor in biology can open doors to many diverse career opportunities. The Biology Club was established in the late sixties and gives students a place to interact socially and academically. We provide many activities that are not school-related, which allow students a chance to take a break from their studies for a few hours. Students can ask questions about biology classes or faculty, or just shoot the breeze with  other biology students. The club is also one of the main vehicles for information flow between the students and the Biology Department. Through the Biology Club, students can contribute to service projects and fundraisers and interact  with the biology faculty. We have meetings 1-2 times a month and plan 2-3 outings per semester.  The biology club provides a chance to meet other students, interact with faculty, and looks great on a resume!

Welcome back!
If you are interested in joining the biology club, please contact an officer.



2012-2013 Biology Club officers:

President (Fall only):   Mike Tierney
President:   Scott Pollan
Vice President: Michael Feldstein
Treasurer:  Shay Mieczkowski
Secretary:   Joanna Menchaca

Club Faculty Advisor:  

    Dr. Clay Carter

Activities we've done:

  • Biology Club Picnic
  • On-campus Research Opportunities
  • Highway Clean-Up
  • Graduate Programs Information Session
  • Fall camping at Gooseberry Falls
  • Fundraisers
  • Baking cookies for Biology seminars
  • Faculty Bowling
  • Friday night trips to Spirit Mountain
  • Intramural broomball and Ultimate Frisbee Teams



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