Department of Biology
TIMOTHY P. CRAIG, Department Head and Professor
B.S., 1980, Kansas State University
M.S. 1984, Northern Arizona University
Ph.D. 1987, Northern Arizona University

Office: 207D SSB
Phone: 218-726-8123

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Speciation, Plant-Insect-Parasitoid Interactions, Population Dynamics, Insect Behavior

Recent Publications

  • Craig, T. P. and J. K. Itami. 2008. Evolution of preference and performance relationships. Pp. 20-28 in : Tilmon, K. (Ed.) Specialization, Speciation, and Radiation: The Evolutionary Biology of Herbavorous Insects. University of California Press, Berkely.
  • Horner, J. D., T. P. Craig, and J. K. Itami. 2008. The effects of Host Race, Gender, and Host-Plant Dispersion on Alighting Behavior, Mating, and Oviposition in Eurosta solidaginis. ENTOMOLOGIA EXPERIMENTATA ET APPLICATA. In Press.
  • Craig, T. P., J. K. Itami and J. V. Craig. 2007. Host plant egotype influences survival of hybrids between Eurosta solidaginis host races. EVOLUTION 61:2607-2613
  • Craig, T. P., J. K. Itami and J. D. Horner. 2007. Geographic variation in the evolution and coevolution of a tritrophic interaction. EVOLUTION 61: 1137-1152.
  • Craig, T.P. 2007. Evolution of Plant Mediated Interactions. Pp. 331-353 in T. Ohgushi, T.P. Craig, and P.W. Price (editors) Ecological Communities: Plant Mediation in Indirect Interaction Webs. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Ohgushi, T., T. P. Craig, and P.W. Price. 2007. Indirect interaction webs: an introduction, Pp. 1-16 in T. Ohgushi, T. P. Craig, and P.W. Price (editors) Ecological Communities: Plant Mediation in Indirect Interaction Webs. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Ohgushi, T., T.P. Craig, and P. W. Price. 2007. Indirect interaction webs propagated by herbivore-induced changes in plant traits. pp. 379-410 in T. Ohgushi, T.P. Craig, and P. W. Price (editors) Ecological Communities: Plant Mediation in Indirect Interaction Webs. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.


  • BIOL 3994 Undergraduate Research
  • BIOL 3998 Seminar II
  • BIOL 4731 Entomology
  • BIOL 4801 Evolution
  • BIOL 5401 Co-evolution
  • IBS 8012 Integrated Evolutionary Processes

Current Graduate Students

  • Kevin Anderson

Graduate Student Projects

  • Ruben J. Marchosky, Gall-size dependent survival for Asphondylia atriplicis on salt bush Atriplex canescens.
  • Rachel MaKarrall, Creating useful tools for learning insect anatomy and function
  • Michael Dixon, Tumbling flower beetles far from home: Does a cascade of parapatric divergence reach the third trophic level?
  • Terry Hams, Avian predator selection on goldenrod galls containing Mordellistena convicta

UROP Projects

  • Chidinma Odoemenem, "Indirect effects of herbivores on pollinators in prarie and forest plants," 2006
  • Aklesh Katel, "Effect of parasitic wasps in the gall-inducing fly Eurosta solidaginis in the Prarie vs. Forest," 2006
  • Edward Barron, Jr. "Assortitive mating of goldenrod gall flies, Eurosta solidaginis." 2006
  • Olufemi (Gabriel) Ekisola , "Testing the Differences between Wing Patterns of Forest and Prairie Sub-Species of the Host Race Species of Eurosta solidaginis on S. Altissima," 2005
  • Jeff Richardson
  • Clint Peacock
  • Michael J. Fudala "Global comparison of insect communities on Solidago altissima." 2004
  • Mike Eskelson, "Geographical variation in wing patterns on a latitudinal gradiant from North Dakota to Michigan, prarie vs. forest biome comparision," 2003
  • Jessica Strange, "An analysis of Variation in Plant Architecture and Insect Community in Tall Goldenrod (Solidago altissima) in Eastern Minnesota," 2003
  • Kevin Johnson, "Variation in host plant ploidy levels in a gall -forming fly," 2002
  • Jeremy Marincel, "Selective pressure on gall size by bird predation," 2002
  • Catrina Whitehead, "Wing morphology as a basis for measuring reproductive isolation among populations of Eurosta solidaginis," 2002
  • Jeremy Marincel, "Oviposition Preference and Offspring Performance in a Bruchid Beetle," 2000


Married to Joanne Itami since 1984
Children: Linda and Paul
Hobbies: Running; hiking; Nordic skiing; canoeing; history

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