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BreatheFree Task Force Report

To: Chancellor Kathryn A. Martin

From: Smoking Policy Enforcement Task Force

  • Jackie Millslagle (chair)
  • John King
  • Dori Decker
  • John Hamlin
  • Josh Gillson
  • Pat McKone
  • Liz Olson
  • Mahjoub Labyad
  • Heather Belknap
  • John Weiske
  • Judith Karon

Re: Recommendations

The Smoking Policy Enforcement Task Force has completed its charge to develop a plan to improve compliance with our Smoke-Free Campus Policy. The task force conducted policy reviews of a number of universities and completed telephone interviews with those campuses whose policies seemed the most beneficial to improve compliance at UMD.

Based on the information gained from our review, the task force believes the best approach is a fresh and sustained effort to educate both the campus and the community of the smoke-free policy, with the intent of changing social norms. The recommendations include educational efforts as well as compliance procedures to support the campus smoke-free policy. The intent of these recommendations is to be preventive rather than punitive, however, referral through established disciplinary procedures may be required initially and at subsequent intervals to maintain our goal of a smoke-free campus.

  1. Appoint a campus official charged with implementation of these recommendations, and a Permanent No Smoking Committee to advise and assist with educational programming.

    1. At the institutions we researched, the person responsible for monitoring no smoking policies varied and included the chancellor's office, health services, student affairs, and environmental health and safety.
    2. At UMD the student health advisory committee, along with representatives from facilities management, human resources, student conduct, and environmental health and safety should make up a no smoking committee advisory to whomever is charged with implementation.
  2. State the policy consistently

    No Smoking Policy

    Smoking is prohibited on all UMD property. The smoking ban includes indoor facilities and the campus grounds, as well as all University vehicles.

    This policy does not apply to specific activities used in connection with the practice of cultural activities by American Indians and other ethnic groups. All ceremonial use must be approved in advance by the designated official.

    A FAQ document should be developed to address interpretations of the policy, e.g., smoking in private vehicles on campus grounds.

  3. Increase awareness of the policy

    1. Add the 'breathefree' logo to the UMD home page with the policy statement as the scroll over.
    2. Add "smoke-free campus" to the new web templates.
    3. Allow/encourage departments to add the "breathefree" logo to UMD stationary.
    4. The policy statement should be included in communications with prospective, new and returning students, and new faculty and staff, especially those produced by Admissions, Residence Life, First Year Experience, and Human Resources.
    5. The smoke free policy should be noted on campus tours, in remarks to new students during A & R, and to other groups of potential students.
    6. Include the policy in athletic programs, theatre and music performances programs, and other publicity for events that are open to the public.
    7. Organizers of events open to the public are responsible for informing visitors and ensuring compliance with no smoking policy.
    8. Add appropriate signage to signs at main campus entrances.
    9. Add other signage around the perimeter of the campus. Signs should be placed where both walkers and vehicles enter the campus.
    10. The week following spring break should be "breathefree" kickoff week and should represent a celebration of our smoke-free campus. Activities should include educational programming coordinated with UMD's wellness program. The kickoff and ongoing educational program will take a positive approach, e.g., "Thank you for respecting UMD's Smoke-Free Policy."
    11. Arrange for local TV coverage of kick-off week to help advise the larger community of the no smoking policy.
  4. Increase compliance

    1. Train student, staff and faculty volunteer "Supporters" to provide education and referral services. Supporters may be seen at information tables or other events where they will provide basic information about the campus smoke-free policy and resources to help people quit smoking. They will approach individuals who are not following the policy, and offer them a card detailing the policy with quit resources.
    2. Prepare training materials for "Supporter;" provide breathefree buttons and policy cards.
    3. Establish an email account ( This email address will be used to report where smokers are consistently being seen so those locations can be monitored for improved compliance.
    4. Campus Police will be available as needed when "Supporters" report individuals or groups who disregard reminders and who might comply more readily when approached by uniformed officers.
    5. Current "hotspots" have been identified and will be available to the person/group in charge of implementing these recommendations.
  5. Sanctions

    1. For faculty and staff, non-compliance with the no smoking policy will be addressed through educational and corrective measures.
    2. Students will be offered the same educational measures and repeat offenders may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Relations.
  6. Funding

    1. American Lung Association will pick up all costs of educational programming during spring 2010.
    2. Facilities Management will submit cost estimates for signage across campus.
    3. The no smoking committee will need a budget of $1,500 per year at least through FY12 to cover educational programming in efforts to change the social norm.

Support breathefree UMD

Student, staff and faculty are needed to help spread the word about UMD's smoke-free policy. You can help by keeping us informed of campus locations that are frequented by violators. Email with times and locations. This is a confidential email address.

And help by posting the breathefree poster in high-traffic areas.

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