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LinkedIn is a professional networking tool being utilized by thousands of people to network in a professional manner. Have you connected with professionals in your future industry yet? LinkedIn could be a great way to start those relationships. Besides connecting with other professionals, you can complete a significant amount of company research and job searching utilizing LinkedIn. This is valuable research that you will need for writing your cover letter/resume, job searching, and preparing for interviews. You can find: company information, how to contact them, recent hires and current employees, company mentions in the news, and your connection (if any) to the company through LinkedIn.

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Benefits of Using LinkedIn

  • Develop and add to your professional network by staying in touch, sharing advice and information, and searching for and sharing opportunities
  • Be a part of a growing network where members are joining at a rate of 2 new members per second
  • Search for jobs and internships, follow companies and organizations of interest, discover people in your network connected to the company or organization, and inform people of what you are seeking
  • Get your professional image and personal brand out there
  • UMD Career and Internship Services has a group that links students, alumni, faculty, staff, employers, and community members – Join us!
  • Career and Internship Services offers workshops on starting your LinkedIn profile and drop-in times to help you strengthen your profile

Job Search (company research, job postings, groups, etc.)

LinkedIn was built for your job search! Okay, not exactly, and it can be a tremendously helpful tool for your job search. An active, engaging, and professional profile on LinkedIn works to build your brand and to connect you to the larger world of work while you are still in college. Job postings can be found in several different places on LinkedIn. Check out: the main "Jobs" tab at the top of the page; the job section within a group; your University's Alumni group (just posting an inquiry in the discussion could pave the way to chat with professionals); and when in the "Companies" section there is a great filter button you can click, "Hiring on LinkedIn," to see only the companies that have job postings on LinkedIn. If there are companies that you are very interested in working for some day, follow them on LinkedIn. This will help you know more about the company if you apply for some of their openings in the future. The following are some resources for utilizing LinkedIn as a part of your job search.

Resources By LinkedIn

Additional Resources