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Breakfast Beverage Service, Freshly Ground PEACE Coffee (Fair Trade)

Includes: Regular, Decaf, Hot Water with Tea Bags & Orange Juice & Iced Water $2.00 Each

**While UMD takes great care in keeping some of our products gluten friendly, they are prepared in a common kitchen, which is not a gluten free environment.**

GF: Gluten-Friendly* DF: Dairy-Free Veg: Vegetarian V: Vegan

Breakfast Menu Includes:


Includes: Breakfast Beverage Service, and Disposable Paper Products

Continental Breakfast

Includes: Assorted Muffins-Veg and/or Mini Cinnamon Rolls-Veg and/or Mini Caramel Rolls-Veg and/or Bagels-Veg with Cream Cheese & Jelly

$4.00 Each

$6.50 Each To Add Fresh Cut Fruit-GF, DF, Veg, V


Yogurt Parfait Buffet

Includes: Greek Honey Yogurt-GF, Veg, Assorted Fresh Berries-GF, DF, Veg, V, Kiwi-GF, DF, Veg, V, Granola-Veg & Coconut Flakes-Veg

$6.50 Each


Healthy Beginnings

Includes: Assorted Cereal Cups-nutrition on individual cups & Milk-GF, Veg, Assorted Whole Fruit-GF, DF, Veg, V, and Assorted Yogurt Cups-GF, Veg

$9.00 Each


Deluxe Continental Breakfast

Includes: Assorted Muffins and/or Sweet Rolls and/or Scones, Fruit Kabobs with Strawberry Yogurt Dip-GF, Veg & Granola Bars

$8.50 Each



(A Minimum of 20 Guests Please)

Includes: Breakfast Beverage Service, Light Weight Dishes and Linen Napkins & Table Cloths, and Bagels & Cream Cheese with Jelly, Muffins & Fresh Cut Fruit



Breakfast Basics Buffet

Includes: Scrambled Eggs-GF, Veg or Chive & Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs-GF, Veg, Bacon-GF, DF or Sausage-GF, DF, and Meatless Hash Brown Bake

$10.50 Each


Fresh Baked Frittata Buffet

Includes Your Choice of Two Frittata Options, Bacon-GF, DF or Sausage Links-GF, DF & Potatoes O’Brien-GF, Veg

-Ham & Cheese-GF

-Italian Sausage with Oven Dried Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella-GF

-Mushroom, Spinach & Goat Cheese-GF, Veg

-Ham, Asparagus & Parmesan-GF

-Tomato, Asparagus, Brie & Roasted Red Pepper Coulis-GF, Veg

$12.50 Each



(A Minimum of 12 Guests Please)


Includes: Breakfast Beverage Service & Fresh Cut Fruit


Breakfast Sandwich Board Buffet

Includes: Scrambled Eggs-GF, Veg, Toasted English Muffins & Bagels, Bacon-GF, DF, Sausage Patty-GF, DF, or Ham-GF, DF, with Assorted Sliced Cheese-GF, Veg

$8.50 Each


Build Your Own Breakfast Burrito Buffet

Includes: Warm Flour & Corn Tortillas, Scrambled Eggs-GF, Veg, Roasted Vera Cruz Vegetables-DF, Veg, Crumbled Sausage-GF, DF, Shredded Cheddar Cheese-GF, Veg, Salsa-GF, DF, Veg, Pico De Gallo-GF, DF, Veg, Sour Cream-GF, Veg & Sliced Jalapenos

$12.50 Each



Crepe Buffet

Includes: Warm Crepes, Sliced Berries-GF, DF, Veg, V, Nutelle-GF, Veg, Peanut Butter-GF, DF, Veg, Whipped Cream, Powdered Sugarand Cocoa -GF, DF, Veg  with Warm Grade A Maple Syrup-GF, DF, Veg

$10.00 Each


Sweet Treat French Toast Buffet

Includes: Apple Fritter French Toast, Maple Smoked Bacon, Potatoes O’Brien-GF, Veg and Grade A Maple Syrup-GF, DF, Veg

$12.00 Each



(A Minimum of 6 Guests Please)

Includes: Breakfast Beverage Service, Light Weight Dishes and Linen Napkins & Table Cloths

*Please Note: In Order to Guarantee Service We Require Two Weeks Notice For Served Breakfast Requests If Possible


Omelette Plate

Includes: Ham & cheese Omelette or Vegetable Omelette Served with Fresh Cut Fruit Cup & Mini Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Icing or Mini Caramel Roll

$9.00 Each


Biscuits n’ Sausage Gravy with Sausage Patties Plate

Includes: Two Buttermilk biscuits with Sausage Gravy Served with Two Sausage Patties & Fresh Cut Fruit Cup

$8.00 Each


Breakfast Sandwich Plate

Includes: Choice of Egg, Bacon & Cheese Mufin OR Egg, Ham & Cheese Muffin OR Egg, Sausage & Cheese Muffin Sandwich Served with Fresh Cut Fruit Cup

$8.00 Each


Apple Fritter French Toast & Bacon

Includes: Two Slices of Apple Fritter French Toast Drizzled with Maple Syrup, Served with Three Bacon Strips and Fresh Cut Fruit Cup

$10.00 Each 


**All prices and menu items are subject to change without notice. Please see policy page for applicable service fees