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Distance Education

Cancellations and Refunds

Students must officially cancel registrations for distance education courses in which they no longer intend to participate. Not finishing a course without canceling or receiving an extension will result in a failing grade. Students who are not able to finish their courses within the specified time frames must contact their instructors regarding the possibility of extensions. Instructors reserve the right to issue incompletes (I) and grant extensions, or to issue failing (F) grades if course expectations are not met within the specified course time frame.

To ensure the correct refund for a cancelled course, contact Continuing Education staff at (218) 726-8113 before canceling a course.


Distance Education Course Refunds

Distance Education Courses, unless otherwise noted in the course listing, have refund dates based on the date that you register for the course. You must contact Continuing Education staff at 218/726-8113, or in person at 104 Darland Administration Building when cancelling a Distance Education course to ensure the refund is correct based on the following schedule:

Refund Schedule

Please note: Due to the variety of start dates for Flexible Start Date courses, refunds for cancellation of these courses require specialized handling. If you have registered for one of these courses after the semester begins and you wish to cancel it, please email Continuing Education at, or call 218/726-8113, or stop by 104 Darland Admnistration Building.