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Faces of Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The autism spectrum is wide and complex; one size does not fit all. Autism is on the rise. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identifies 1 in 88 American children as on the autism spectrum; a ten-fold increase in the past 40 years.

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Online Course I: Navigating the Distinctive World of Autism Spectrum Disorders

This course examines the history of ASD, what we currently know and understand, and why it
is on the rise. You will be captivated and informed about how the spectrum affects those with
ASD by watching two videos. The first, Loving Lampposts, is told by the award-winning film producer, Todd Drenzler, whose son has autism. The second features Taylor Crowe who shares his personal journey with autism in My Life with Autism. A solid foundation of the terminology used to describe, diagnose, and understand ASD rounds out your learning in “Navigating the Distinctive World of Autism Spectrum Disorders.”

Online Course II: Addressing Behavioral Characteristics of Autism

This course emphasizes the importance of respecting and recognizing the individual’s ability to cope with stressors in his/her environment. You will explore the unique learning styles of individuals diagnosed with ASD and apply practical strategies which support those individuals. You will gain a fuller understanding of how to assist individuals with ASD interact socially and how to control emotional responses. A listing of outside resources which support individuals on the autism spectrum rounds out your learning in “Addressing Behavioral Characteristics of Autism.”


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ASD Courses at a Glance:
Time Commitment: 7.5 hours (each course)
Learning Format: Online, self-paced, self-directed
Cost: $119 (per course)

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