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What is the difference between earning a certificate and achieving certification?
A certificate is generally referred to as an educational process where the learner completes coursework as determined by the educational institution. Certification refers to an assessment process where the person is required to prove knowledge, skills, and competency in a specific area. The certification is generally given by a third-party organization and not related to the educational institution.

Once I register, how long before I can begin coursework?
Once you register a confirmation of registration and detailed instructions on accessing the course(s) will be emailed within two business days.

How much time will I have to complete the course?
The time limit to take the 60-hour certificate is six months from your receipt of the login information. You may take the certificate at times that are convenient. The time limit for each of the 30-hour courses is three months from your receipt of the login information. This time frame is an average of 2.5 hours per week.

Can I earn University of Minnesota credits after completing this certificate?
While you will receive a Certificate or Letter of Completion, you will not receive official UMD credit. Many people list these courses on their resume as completed education.

Is there an out-of-state difference in fees for learners?
Learners pay the same amount regardless of their location. Fees are calculated in US dollars.

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What people are saying:

I had a lot of reservations about signing up for my first online course, but by the end of the Session One those reservations completely evaporated. By the end of Session Three, based on what I had learned, I was able to devise some worksheets for a client to complete. I am not sure if it was he or I who was more surprised at the revelations which came forth...

I haven't been this excited about learning in a long time.

- M.R., Counsellor, Leeds, England

I was quite impressed how much information one can learn through on-line courses, especially an adult learner who is busy with other things. The course was very thorough and well-
planned. Each time I wrote an assignment with sweat on my brow from thinking, the next
chapter clarified and added to the very same topic, making the assignment more whole and giving me a sense that I had answered correctly in my last assignment. Very clever way to make me do my own thinking and then give me the confirmation that I got it right. Dr. Rambeck was clear and pleasant to listen to.

-Anne K. an intensive outpatient program therapist in Colorado with twenty years of experience in addiction treatment. She received a scholarship from the State of Colorado – along with 7 other people- to complete the SIGA program.