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FAQs for Professional Development Certificates

I do not have a college degree. Can I register for this certificate?
Absolutely! This professional (noncredit) certificate does not have any prerequisites. Anyone can register.

What if I’m only interested in only one or two topics within the certificate?
While we encourage learners to enroll in the certificate program, we understand that some people may not be motivated to earn a certificate and have interest in just one or two of the topics. Therefore, we have provided the option to register for individual modules. If, after taking ONE module, you decide you would like to earn the certificate, please contact us at or 218/726-8113, and we can help you register.

Once I register, how do I enter the training site to begin the certificate?
Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with directions how to enter the site. Detailed instructions on how to enter the training will be described.

How much time will I have to complete the training?
Once you register for a certificate, you will have access to the website for one year. If you are unable to complete the certificate within this timeframe, your access will be removed and you must re-register if you wish to continue.

What does the term “self-paced” or “learner-led” mean?
When we use the terms “self-paced” and “learner-led,” it means that you will begin your certificate and study and learn at your own pace. You will not be led by an instructor. Please note: Should you encounter any problems or issues, you will have access to timely assistance. In addition, some of our certificates have message boards and open forums led by subject matter experts on various topics to encourage discussion.

What type of course is this?
The course is an online, self-paced professional development course. The course is entirely self-contained and don’t require any on-campus or classroom work. Courses may be stand-alone or bundled to form certificates.

Are tests included within the certificate?
A post assessment (5-10 multiple choice questions) is given at the end of the certificate. You must score at least 70% on this assessment in order to print your Certificate of Completion. (Note: You will have the opportunity to take the assessment more than once to reach the score 70% or higher.)

Will I receive grades after completing the training?

Training activities are not graded. There is no need to submit assignments; however, activities are there to help you apply and/or further explore the training concepts. Registrants are encouraged to participate in the discussion forums, as this is a great way to share ideas, hear new options, and gain knowledge from peer learners.

Can I earn University of Minnesota credits after completing this certificate?
While learners will receive a Certificate of Completion, you will not receive official University of Minnesota Duluth credit. Many people do list this certificate on their resume as completed education.

Is there an out-of-state difference in fees for learners?
Learners will pay the same amount regardless of their location. Fees are calculated in US dollars.



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