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Studies in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (SIFA) Certificate Practical strategies and information for helping someone live with FASD

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Brain damage caused by FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders), such as learning disabilities, memory problems, and poor impulse control is permanent. But, you can make a difference by helping someone with FASD prevent or avoid disruptive school experiences, inappropriate sexual behavior, alcohol/drug problems, employment problems, or trouble with the law.

The online, self-directed Studies in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum certificate provides training with foundational theory on the disorder, and focuses on practical strategies and skills for those who provide care or guidance to individuals affected by FASD.

The SIFA Certificate consists of 22 hours of online self-directed training for individuals (non-instructor led, work at your own pace). The course is approved by:

The topics covered are listed below:

FASD: Introduction and Overview (4 hours)
FASD Across the Lifespan (10 hours)
Medical and Social Systems (4 hours)
Practical Strategies in Teaching or Working Environments (4 hours)

Certificate Overview

Certificate Title: Studies in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (SIFA)
Level: Professional Development (noncredit)
Cost: $295 if registering for the certificate*
Learning Format: Online / self-directed
Time Commitment: 22-hour certificate

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* Not interested in signing up for the full certificate? Please see individual module prices listed within the Descriptions and Learning Objectives link to the right.


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