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Academic Affairs Council

April 15, 2004

Present: Randy Gordon, Dan Glisczinski, Jackie Millslagle. Lengthy feedback on proposals via email from Cindy Spillers who was unable to attend.

Absent: Ken Gilbertson

Guest: Mary Ann Marchel

Jackie facilitated in the absence of Chair Gilbertson. Ten course proposals had been circulated for review. The proposals were a part of a revision of the Early Childhood program to a new Unified Early Childhood Studies program which will prepare students for dual licensure in early childhood birth - age 8 and early childhood special education. Mary Ann Marchel detailed the philosophy of the new program and answered questions. The committee commended Mary Ann and her faculty for a thorough and descriptive set of proposals.

Motion/second to approve the following courses proposals, as well as changes to the Early Childhood program. (Note: Jackie will research the levels of approvals needed to change the name of the program to Unified Early Childhood.)

  • CC #32. Add SpEd 3109, Working with Challenging Behavior in Young Children, 3 cr.
  • CC #33. Add ECh 3021, Teaching Mathematics: Birth to Age 8, 4 cr.
  • CC #34. Add Ech 3055, Creative Expressions in Early Childhood: Birth to Eight Years, 3 cr.
  • CC #35. Change ECh 4009, Leadership in Early Childhood Studies, from 2 to 3 cr.
  • CC #36. Add SpEd 3106, Working with Young Children with Low Incidence Disabilities, 4 cr.
  • CC #37. Add ECh 2025, Cognitive Development: Theory to Practice, 3 cr.
  • CC #38. Add ECh 3104, Phase I: Family Partnerships, 1 cr.
  • CC #39. Change ECh 2010, from Programs for Education of Young Children Ages Birth to Eight Years of Age, to Foundational Issues in Early Childhood Studies. (change in content - see proposal)
  • CC #40. Add ECh 3022, Literacy for Young Children: Teaching Reading, Writing, speaking, and Listening, 4 cr.
  • CC #41. Add ECh 2015, Literacy for Young Children, 3 cr.


NOTE: As the full packet was put together and proofed, two course proposals were missing and were circulated for approval by email.

  • CC #42. Add SpEd 4610, Professional Issues, 1 cr.
  • CC #43. Change ECh 4610, Professional Issues, 2 cr. to 1 cr.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder