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Academic Affairs Council

October 4, 2007

Present: Lynette Carlson, Fay Mass, Bill Gear, Julia Williams, Jackie Millslagle.

Bill Gear and Julia Williams agreed to co-chair, depending on schedules.

The "rolling" agenda was reviewed. Committee meeting time is limited to one hour; any curriculum agenda items will be handled first at each meeting.

There was general discussion about anticipated curriculum activity in each department. Significant work on revision of STEP will be the biggest curriculum work this year.

Lynette raised the issue of how to appropriately reflect blended course delivery. Jackie will circulate the current options for defining delivery mode and this group will suggest some added values or ways to describe what is happening with technology in courses. Committee members should talk to faculty in departments to determine what kinds of activities are being handled online.

From the minutes of the last meeting of spring semester: AAC members will describe how curriculum is discussed/approved in each department. Jackie will raise the question with associate deans of other units, and see if there are any contacts to be made for possible sharing of process. The intent of these discussions is to be able to continually improve the process for CEHSP faculty.

  • Education - curriculum is handled by program coordinators.
  • HPER - program coordinators
  • CSD - appointed from faculty
  • Psy - volunteers from faculty to evaluate proposals; proposals are then circulated to entire department for review/approval.
  • Jackie will ask associate deans at meeting next week.

Council members will review curriculum process with all faculty at a department meeting and describe common problems with the proposal moving through AAC.

Data on Latin honors awarded in 2006-07, including minimum GPA levels for next year, was distributed and reviewed.

Question: should this Council continue discussions of grade inflation? Jackie explained what is occurring at Councl of Deans levels, and being carried down to department heads. Council members agreed to wait and see if the Dean addresses this issue with another entity in the College. There was the thought/consensus that it is an important for this group to be concerned with grading practices.

Jackie reviewed and explained briefly the inclusion of this agenda item:

Does structure/size of curriculum impact retention?

Date: Thursday, June 07, 2007 12:00 PM -0500

From: Linda Ellinger <>

To: John Ziegenhagen <>, Linda Rolfe <>

Subject: Re: Majors

There are no guidelines on what constitutes a "major."  It is a headache! Some TC colleges include all the prerequisite courses, others just include the upper-division courses.  Some require specific lib ed courses and count those.

What Craig and I are moving towards is a count of the number of "free electives" (totally unspecified courses) available to students in a major. That may be a better way to think about how constrained a major is.  We are thinking about this and will share whatever we come up with.


Several items associated with internships in CEHSP were distributed with brief description from Jackie. Council agreed that there is a need for study to determine general guidelines for internships in the College.

Next meeting, the Council will discuss and determine what topics will be studied by this Council vs. special groups during this academic year.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder