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Academic Affairs Council

October 10, 2006

Present: Lynette Carlson (CSD); Bill Gear (HPER); Bob Lloyd (Psychology); Julie Williams (Education); Lynn Bye (SW, ex officio); Jackie Millslagle (ex officio).

Guests: Terrie Shannon, Tom Peacock, Amy Bergstrom, Jennifer Niemi.

By discussion and consensus, Julia Williams was named chair of the Council for 2006-2007.

Terrie Shannon overivewed the set of course proposals for an Ojibwe language and culture based curriculum resulting in teacher licensure for K-6 elementary and K-8 Ojibwe. The curriculum will be delivered through an Anishinaabe world view and aid in retention and graduation of American Indian teachers. The program proposal document is still in preparation, but Council members were able to review a mission/vision document, as well as the 2 1/2-year curriculum layout. Council members strongly suggested that the differences between the existing elementary/middle curriculum, and this version, be very clear in the Board of Teaching submission. After answering all questions, the guests left the meeting. The Council felt it was necessary to review each course proposal separately; considering the number of proposals and the time limit of the meeting, action on the Ojibwe education courses proposals was postponed to the next meeting.

The proposal to add PSY 3122, Child and Adolescent Abnormal Psychology, 3 credits, was approved with a minor change (remove reference to objective #8 in the assessment question).

The proposal to add Educ 4228, Teaching Mathematics with Technology, 3 credits, was approved with minor changes (check terms offered and the question on course fees).

Members discussed using a templte form for course proposal review. Lynette agreed to draft a form.

The next meeting is 10:00-11:00, October 17.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder