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Academic Affairs Council

October 17, 2005

Present: Lynette Carlson, Julia Williams, Ken Gilbertson, Jackie Millslagle

Absent: Randy Gordon (excused).

1. SpEd 4434, Teaching Reading, Writing and Math for General and Special Education. Concerns remain on the perceived disconnect between the title and who has access to the course. Agreed to vote electronically once the question can be resolved and proposals cleaned up.

2. PE 1510, increase credit for Whitewater Kayaking, tabled until the proposal demonstrates how outcomes have changed.

Ken Gilbertson raised the issue of a disconnect between curricular actions, program worksheets prepared by Student Affairs, and APAS specifications. Jackie acknowledged the problem and will follow-up.

Julia shared a discussion with ISD 709 Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum about approval for conducting research in 709 classrooms. The Council agreed that, while we can alert Department Heads to the policy, it cannot be enforced at UMD, but that teachers and principles could enforce as they are aware when studies are being conducted with their students.

Jackie, Recorder