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Academic Affairs Committee

October 19, 2001

Present: John Keener (for Ken Gilbertson), Dan Glisczinski, Melanie Shepard, Faith Loven, Bob Lloyd, Jackie Millslagle.

The proposals on the agenda today are 5000 level, which led to some discussion again about where graduate proposals should be considered. As this committee had already received copies for review, and in this transition, there was agreement that this committee should proceed. The committee did agree, however, that a joint meeting with GPC would be beneficial to come to a full understanding of the curriculum process between the two groups.


Motion/second to approve:

CC #1 EdSe 5495, Topics in Secondary Education (.5-4)

CC #2 SpEd 5795, Topics in Special Education (.5-4)

CC #3 ElEd 5695, Topics in Elementary Education (.5-4)

CC #4 Educ 5295, Topics in Education (.5-4)

Motion carried with the request that the rationale for EdSe 5495 and ElEd 5695 include that there are no special topics available; and a word processing error correct on CC #1.

Faith Loven recommendation that the department consider having some special topics courses available for Graduate School credit.

Motion/second to approve CC#5 - HPER 3200, change in course description from LEC to DIS and to add the words “self-directed” to the course description. Carried.

Motion/second to approve CC#9 ≠ Psy 4500, Health Psychology. This course will be submitted for approval to UMD Graduate Council for gradiuate approval. This course is part of an extensive department revision that includes development of new specializations, and searches for new faculty. This course will be acceptable as an elective in the M.A., as well as in the M.Ed. The motion was approved with the stipulation that the actual instructor be listed as sponsor, and more specific information be included about methods of evaluation.

Motion/second to approve CC#13 ≠ Psy 3098, Psychological Principles of Stress Management (3). This is an elective course at undergraduate only. Motion carried with the stipulation that the author consult with the coordinator of health education, and that a 30-credit prerequisite be added.


Jackie Millslagle, Recorder