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Academic Affairs Council

November 15, 2007

Present: Fay Maas, Bill Gear, Julia Williams, Cindy Spillers (for Lynette Carlson), Jackie Millslagle.

No curriculum items submitted.

Council members provided input to a series of questions about internships. The survey will be sent to department heads for responses. Jackie will summarize and present results for review in the spring semester.

Jackie introduced a topic to get faculty perspective on a potential conflict between our curriculum process and academic freedom. In order to reflect in the schedule when a course in offered in total or partially online, a curriculum proposal needs to be filed adding the appropriate delivery mode. CEHSP curriculum process requires that all curriculum proposals be submitted electronically by the department head, indicating department approval. The question: can a department restrict the academic freedom of the instructor in terms of delivery mode? Council members agreed that it was important for students to know how a course will be delivered; that technology tools are rapidly changing delivery mode; that it should be instructor prerogative to set delivery mode; but stressed the important of communication/discussion with department heads and program coordinators as schedules are developed. There was agreement with a suggestion that CEHSP should add internet-delivered and partially-internet-based as delivery modes to all courses so that as blended courses develop, the appropriate delivery mode can be reflected in the system for student information, and to make the most efficient use of space when some seat time is replaced by online portions of the class. If this were the case, Council members noted that changes in delivery mode would only need to be communicated/discussed with department heads and program coordinators as schedules are developed.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder