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Academic Affairs Council

March 12, 2008

Present: Julia Williams, Bill Gear, Fay Maas, Lynette Carlson, Jackie Millslagle.


  1. Request from CSD to have a course added to the list of of electives in the major. The question raised (Jackie) was why there is such strong "curricular" language in the catalog around identifying electives? Lynette agreed to go back to the department and ask why the electives need to be spelled out in the program. Jackie will check and see if the APAS only allows these courses that are listed. Agreed to forward the change, but have further discussion later in the year.
  2. Change in the special education minor: DELETE SpEd 4434 and 4555 and ADD SpEd 4452, Academic Interventions: REading, Writing and Math. Reduces the minor from 21 to 20 credits. Approved.
  3. ECH 4010, Infant and Early Childhood Perceptual and Psychomotor Development, 2 cr., approved without reservations. Will need a memo from the department to get the course added to the program.
  4. EDSE 4525, Assessment for Secondary Education majors, 3 cr., approved without reservations.
  5. SpEd 3415, Special Education in the Secondary School, 3 cr., approved without reservations.

Lynette shared a new form introduced in CSD that students sign before they go out on clinicals to indicate understanding of the affiliation agreement. Bill said they have students sign that they have read the handbook every year and the handbook includes a number of issues around clinical assignments and the student responsibility.

There will be continued discussion on internships and other field experiences at the next meeting.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder