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Academic Affairs Council

February 14, 2013

Present:   Lynette Carlson, Scott Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Jean Stevenson and Fay Maas, (ex officio)


Approved the minutes from 1/31/13 meeting.


Fay asked the committee to look over the revised liberal education course submission memo dated 2/12/13.  She requested that we share and talk about these dates and guidelines with our faculty.  She asked if AAC wanted to look at liberal education proposals from CEHSP departments before they were sent forward.  There was support from the members for doing this.   If AAC is to be involved in submission process, then CEHSP Dean and Associate Dean will need to explain our process to department heads and faculty.  Some members of AAC reported their frustrations from submitting proposals last year that were not accepted by the campus committee.  Georgia reported that her colleague, Amy Versnik Nowak was the CEHSP representative and Amy might be willing to meet with faculty considering proposing liberal education courses.  There are new members on the Liberal Education Subcommittee this year and the processes have changed.  Georgia will ask Amy if she is willing to do this in early March.  If Amy is willing, she and Fay will work out the meeting details.


PETE 4250

Approved with minor revisions.  Changes needed included #11 and creating additional boxes to separate objectives and matching outcomes.


PETE 4255

Approved with minor revisions.  Changes needed included #11 and few grammar changes.


Lynn Velander goes through each proposal before it is sent to AAC members.  Any corrections to proposals should be made on the copy that Lynn sends.  Members need to be sure and use Lynn’s electronic proposals for making any revisions.  It was suggested that Lynn add her signature or initials to proposals she has revised and sent.  Scott suggested that she name the file with her initials, for example – LV PETE 4255 or PETE 4255 LV.


Next meeting is 2/28.  Jean will be away at national meeting.  If there are no proposals to review, we will not meet.  Check email for further information.