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Academic Affairs Council

February 22, 2011

Present: Fay Maas, Jiyoon Yoon, Lynette Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Guest: Ken Gilbertson

  • EnEd 2000 – Technology in Outdoor Education
    • Ken was invited to answer questions and provide background on this proposal. He noted that students were learning from other students regarding technology skills. Faculty found that the depth of knowledge was lacking for students. They also had recent experiences with students who were not hired because the lacked skills in specific technologies. Ken also noted that there are some technologies that are specific to the discipline of recreation and outdoor education. The intention is that this starts as a lower level course to prepare the students to use the technologies in the rest of their program.
    • Question on #24 and specifying the need for access funds to hire a specific adjunct faculty member in order to offer the course.
    • Question on #20. Ken responded the program expects the course will be taught in a computer lab because of the need for specific software needed.
    • Question on assessment method, what is meant by explanation and demonstration. Ken noted that it will be project-based. Committee members encouraged more detail and examples in assessment methods.
    • Committee noted the need to ensure the conceptual outline and assessment align: specifically ‘the design curriculum’ assessment does not align with an element in the conceptual outline. There was also a question about ensuring that exams were listed in assessment methods since they were listed as used in #11.
    • Suggestion to change #24 to note that this is not an additional cost because of a change to the program. The department may elect to eliminate reference to requiring the use of access funds.
    • #5 could be revised to be more descriptive.
    • #1 – the short title could be more descriptive.
    • #11 – only one component should be listed.
    • #12 – nothing should be checked since there is only one component.
    • #13 – needs to be changed to 3 hrs per week.
    • #16 – just confirm that ‘print only’ is desired.
    • Unanimous approval with minor changes.
  • Approval of minutes  - approved January 25 and February 8 minutes.
  • Senate Executive Committee has asked if a short report can be provided at the Senate meeting on April 14. Fay will present a short report on the importance of using the latest curriculum proposal form from the VCAA and offer insights on issues seen by the committee.