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Academic Affairs Council

April 15, 2009

Present: Lynette Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Faye Maas, Julie Williams, Bruce Munson (ex-officio & recorder)

Minutes for 3/25/09 were approved.

Committee requested that proposals be numbered in the upper right starting the beginning of each academic year. This will make proposals easier to find and reference for the committee, Bruce, and Lynn.

  • ESAT 2610, a revised curriculum proposal, was unanimously approved by the committee. Bruce noted that the AAC was completing its responsibility, but that administration would need to consider the implications for students and collegiate resources since the proposal results in “growing” the major.
  • ECh 3060 was unanimously approved by the committee pending some minor changes to typos.
  • Educ 3340 was unanimously approved by the committee pending deletion of the graduate course outcomes and reference. EDUC 3340 can then be offered as a stand-alone course.
    • It was recommended that EDUC 5340, a corresponding course at the graduate level, provide a minor course change proposal to GPC so that it reflects the outcomes and background information provided to AAC.
  • Educ 4993 was unanimously approved by the committee pending some clarifications about hours that Julie Williams will seek from the author, Jiyoon Yoon.

The rolling agenda item of internships was discussed by the committee. It was agreed this item had reached a point of completion last year and it could be removed from the rolling agenda list.

The next AAC meeting, and last meeting scheduled for this calendar year, is scheduled for April 29, 2009.