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Academic Affairs Council

September 15, 2008

Present: Lynette Carlson, Julie Williams, Georgia Keeney, Faye Maas, Bruce Munson (Ex-Officio & Recorder)

Excused: Denny Falk (Ex-Officio)

The recent Academic Affairs meeting procedures were reviewed and discussed.

Julie chaired this meeting. Lynette agreed to chair the meetings for the remainder of fall semester and Faye will chair the spring semester meetings.

Julie presented the minor changes to courses in the secondary/K-12 education major in the following courses: EdSe 3204, EdSe 4100, EdSe 4214, Educ 4381, and Educ 4500. The changes reflect some reorganization of the content for meeting state standards within the secondary/k-12 block program. Discussion included comments about the need for Linda Rolfe and department head approval on proposals sent to the committee. Decision: unanimous approval.

Faye presented Psy 3990, a special topics course proposal (Cross-Cultural Comparisons: Gender, Sexuality and Families in Thailand). Decision: unanimous approval. Subsequent to the Academic Affairs decision, the course has been withdrawn from the approval process by the Psychology Department.

Faye presented the proposed changes to the Psychology minor that included increasing the number of required courses resulting in an increase in the minor from 18 to 26 credits.  The proposal also included a requirement that students have a 2.50 GPA before declaring this minor. Discussion emphasized the improved quality and strength of the minor while noting that some students might not be able to access this minor because of the 2.50 GPA. Decision: the group had no suggestions or reservations about this proposal. The proposal was moved on to the Dean’s office for approval.

The meeting was adjourned.

Subsequent to the meeting, the committee was polled via email for discussion and approval of Psy 2020 – Introduction to statistics and research methods. This course had been part of the discussion of the revised Psychology minor, but a full course proposal was not ready on 9/15/08. The email effort for decision was made to meet the catalog copy deadline. Decision: unanimous approval.

Bruce Munson, Recorder