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Academic Affairs Council

September 21, 2010

Present: Lynette Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Fay Maas, Jiyoon Yoon

Members discussed several issues related to the beginning of the academic year.

• Fay Maas agreed to continue to chair the committee.

• It was noted that there is revised course proposal form that is accessible via the link on the CEHSP AAC link.

• We reviewed the AAC review form to determine if it still met the needs of the
committee. It was agreed that the form was still appropriate in light of the
revised course proposal form.

• The October 5th meeting time was change to 3:30 due to a time conflict for one member.

• It was noted that October 1st deadline for course proposals for Spring 2011 was not feasible. We would like the deadline to be pushed to October 15. Noted that this was a request for Bruce Munson to pursue.

• It was noted that the CEHSP AAC webpage link did not specifically spell out the purpose/mission of the Council. The council wondered if there was a mission that has been articulated and if not, this something that the council should produce and have posted on the AAC website.

• It was suggested that we might provide more exemplars of well done proposals or sections of proposals on our website.

• It was noted that the revised course proposal form indicates that the form should be completed for two or more course changes. Do we have a procedure in place for course changes that involve only one change (e.g., going from a day course to an internet delivered course, going from 3 credits to 4)? It was suggested that this information be on the AAC website.

• It was noted that #22 of the revised course proposal form was not clear. Specifically #22 states “Course core objectives and learning outcomes, and assessment methods. (Review of this section by Collegiate Curriculum Committee is optional)”

• It was suggested that those involved with the course proposal process in the VCAA office might attend one of our meetings for a question answer session.

The committee reviewed one course change proposal. ECH 3055

• The rationale for the proposal is to change a 3 credit course to 4 credits to meet standards for early childhood teacher preparation. The existing and additional literacy standards of the course comply with the emergent literacy standards as set by the MN Board of Teaching.

• Although this proposal is submitted on an outdated form, the proposal was approved at the departmental level in July when the form was current. The committee agreed to review the proposal as it was submitted and felt that the minor revisions listed below could be accomplished without having to resubmit on the revised form.

• The proposal was approved with the following minor changes:

1. Approved pending justification for additional credit. For example, identify course topics, course objectives, and/or assessments that are new.

2. #14 the Enforced box needs to be checked, unless you only want prerequisites to be in print only.

3. #26 For clarity, revise first sentence to read: “The rationale for adding content to this course is to maximize……..”

4. Correct all typographical errors