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Academic Affairs Council

September 25, 2012

Present: Georgia Keeney, Lynette Carlson, Jean Stevenson, Scott Carlson, Mike Raschick (ex officio), Fay Maas (ex officio)


Minutes were approved from 9/18/12 meeting.



1) The current CEHSP constitution states that the Dept. of Social Work has ex-officio member on AAC as they do not currently have an undergraduate degree program.  Mike Raschick agreed to continue to attend AAC meetings and not to vote unless the committee was considering undergraduate social work course proposals.  When the Dept. of Social Work is granted approval for B.S.W. program they have proposed, the CEHSP constitution will need to be changed.  Fay and Bruce will discuss this issue and make further clarifications as needed.


2) At the end of the meeting Georgia asked for clarification of timelines.  Fay informed the committee that these were now posted on the AAC and EVCAA web pages.  All deadline dates require proposals and changes to be on the EVCAA desk so departmental and committee actions need to be done several weeks before that.  Fay will announce to department heads that any new/revised courses for summer or fall ’13 and changes to programs, catalog copy or new program proposals need to be to AAC by 11/13/12 to get on the agenda for 11/10/12.  There is one more meeting after that in fall semester but to allow for revisions, etc., meeting 11/13 date is recommended.


Courses acted upon:

Educ 4229/5229 – new course (revised course number–was submitted as Educ4225/5225) – approved with minor revisions. The biggest question the committee had about this course was lack of graduate credit.  Why is this course not available for graduate credit?  Referred back to instructor/dept. for clarification.  Second item for correction is #11 – probably only one component. 


EnEd 2300 – new course (replaces Rec 2300) *note to Tom Beery: have Mark Nierengarten email Fay Maas requesting that Rec 2300 become inactive.

*Approved with minor revisions.  In “requesting” section – check “no” to Lib Ed and Grad credit.  Also Tom could consider checking “partially online” in case he might want more flexibility in teaching the course.  The committee wanted to tell Tom that the proposal was well written, clearly understandable, good job!