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Academic Affairs Council

October 6, 2008

Present: Lynette Carlson (chair), Julie Williams, Georgia Keeney, Faye Maas, Bruce Munson (Ex-Officio & Recorder)

Excused: Denny Falk (Ex-Officio)

Minutes from 9/15: Julie moved, Fay seconded; unanimous approval

  • Educ 4993 – A special topics course created for a group of Korean students and faculty who will do the fieldwork in March & April and then the final portion of the course work taught in May. Suggestion that the proposal could/should include reference to the unique timeline that will be used to complete this course. Additional editing comments were suggested, especially in clearly identifying acronyms. Unanimous approval with minor editing changes required.
  • Psy 3051 – Question raised about how instruction of this course will be delivered using multiple instructors. There was general agreement that objectives need to be stated in measurable terms. Unanimous approval pending the following minor changes: change objectives for the course to be phrased in measurable terms.
  • Psy 3990 Special Topics - There was agreement that objectives need to be stated in measurable terms. Because the objectives are not clearly identified, the conceptual outline and evaluation plan could not be evaluated at this meeting. There was discussion about the interest or intent to offer this course as a graduate level course, which does not fit with a 3xxx course. The committee agreed that this proposal does not currently meet the standards of the Academic Affairs Committee.  Approval is deferred pending the need for the following changes: add clear, measurable objectives; ensure the assessment plans are aligned with the objectives; and clarify the scheduled course contact hours so that the number of hours correlate to the number of credits. Finally, the committee asks if this course is correctly proposed as an undergraduate course or if it should be offered as a graduate level course.

Rolling agenda items: Internships (Bruce will look into spreadsheets and data on previous discussions, see March 26 minutes); Developing consistency in forms with data entry on the templates (delivery mode, for example, should appear on all forms); Reviewing the web site content; the scope of the Academic Affairs council and its purpose;

A discussion of the proposed courses led to a related discussion on the policy related to final exams. Subsequent to the meeting Georgia reviewed It appears from that document that final exams are not required.