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Academic Affairs Council

October 20, 2009

Present: Lynette Carlson, Jiyoon Yoon, Fay Maas, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Agreed that we need to update the review form and add a date to the form so members know which version is being used.

Feedback was provided regarding the forms created by Bilin Tsai. (This feedback has been provided to Bilin since the meeting and incorporated into the latest drafts online.)

Psy 3525 – The delivery options were discussed. The course was unanimously approved.

Educ 4993 – The course was unanimously approved.

Bruce will have Lynn V. change the web site to reflect:

  • Current committee members
  • The new VCAA course proposal link
  • The new VCAA program proposal link
  • The committee review form that includes a form date

The committee agreed it should work on developing a program proposal review form.

It was noted that several program proposal changes would be coming in the next month or so. These would include a number of course changes. Committee members will need to have course proposal review forms completed prior to the meetings so that the meetings can be completed within an hour.