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Academic Affairs Council

November 8, 2012

Present: Lynette Carlson, Scott Carlson, Georgia Keeney, Mike Raschick, Jean Stevenson, and Fay Maas (ex officio)

Guest:  Priscilla Day via Skype


AAC discussed the proposal for new degree, Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.), and Priscilla Day, Social Work Dept. Head, made an introduction to the proposal via Skype.  Highlights of what she said were:


  • submitted proposal in 2009 but was not approved
  • current program is designed to fit with M.S.W. program with a focus on American Indians
  • 50% of colleges with M.S.W. programs have B.S.W. as a feeder
  • new program allows for better collaboration with CEHSP departments because of having undergraduate students in Social Work
  • many tribal colleges support B.S.W. proposal
  • no B.S.W. program in the UM system, proposal has letters of support from UMTC’s M.S.W. program
  • many employment opportunities for graduates
  • will be offered as hybrid-online to reach rural students
  • national CSWE requires 25% release time for program director and for internship supervisor
  • faculty to student ratio will be 1:25


Following up discussion topics included:


  • expected number of students, some confusion about how that information was presented in the proposal
  • requiring Psy 3020 needs to be coordinated with psychology department
  • support for requiring a 2.5 for admission to the program, not 2.0.  Jean suggested a statement students must have no grade lower than C- in all required courses
  • add a list of suggested courses for 6 credits of approved electives
  • there will be articulation agreements with tribal colleges for A.A. degrees or completion of liberal ed. requirements since not all categories of UMD liberal ed. courses are offered online
  • Jean will give Mike her editorial comments
  • check to make sure all course numbers in the proposal match newly approved S.W. courses


Lynette moved approval of the B.S.W. major.  Scott seconded.  Proposal was approved with minor revisions.


SW 4113 – approved


Lynette asked about using Google Mail folder for AAC correspondence.  Georgia will try to send minutes using this tool.