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Academic Affairs Council

December 6, 2012

Present: Lynette Carlson, Scott Carlson, Georgia Keeney, and Fay Maas (ex officio)
Excused: Mike Raschick, Jean Stevenson


  • Reviewed revisions to EdSe 3204 – changed to EdSe 4204 (be sure the curriculum proposal shows EdSe prefix). Need to clarify #8 as new EVCAA curriculum proposal form only allows two choices. Might want to check “partially online” and “completely online”. Also need to check #11 - final exam. The committee wanted to remind EdSe faculty to make sure that planned assessments can be done if class is taught completely online. Might need to add some alternative assessments. The proposal was approved with minor revisions.

  • Reviewed changes to exercise science major program. Suggested the following revisions: add Lib Ed notation to Hlth 1470; add total number of credits to exercise science core requirements (37); add credit totals for each semester in four-year plans; remove the word “free” from upper division electives in health and fitness concentration. Suggested to add more description to this requirement as APAS exceptions may be needed to identify these electives. Georgia added the following to health education electives: “Approved electives include any courses numbered 3000 and higher from health education, HPER, coaching, communication, exercise science, psychology, recreation/environmental education, sociology, and women’s studies. The student’s adviser may approve other courses.” Would similar language clarify what is meant?

    The proposal was approved with further clarifications requested. These clarifications can be submitted to AAC through memo. Questions we had included:
  1. How important were the old list of electives to graduate school admissions? When will students take courses required by graduate schools if there are no electives planned in the exercise and sport science concentration?
  2. The AAC members wondered if this rigorous freshmen year will reduce the number of ExSc majors.
  3. What do transfer students do - how many more semesters does it usually take for them to complete the program? How many additional semesters does it take a UMD freshmen to complete this degree if they fail one of the required courses?
  4. What graduate programs are most frequently admitting ExSc graduates – are students able to complete graduate school requirements? Have prerequisite courses completed before graduate school?