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Chancellor's Small Grants Program Spring 2014




  • Department Head: Friday February 28, 2014
  • Associate Dean: Wednesday March 5, 2014
  • Notification of awards: Wednesday March 12, 2014




Eligible faculty are tenured/tenure-track faculty and term faculty appointed at least 35% time for two semesters.

Proposals may be related to teaching, research, or service. Proposals can be submitted for any purpose that has an identifiable connection with principles of the collegiate vision. The maximum award per faculty member will be $750. These funds should be expended during the time period between the award and December 12, 2014.


Examples Fundable Projects


  • Professional travel for students to present at conferences, or attend workshops
  • Professional travel for faculty to present at conferences, or attend workshops
  • Tuition for faculty development workshops/initiatives
  • Support for course projects/initiatives (poster printing, materials for projects etc.)
  • Funding for departmental consultants
  • Funding for materials to support departmental advising and/or retention efforts
  • Funding to support faculty research (materials, assistantships)
  • Guest speakers from community or area of expertise
  • Departmental functions to support student learning
  • Support for student fellowship groups
  • Funding to support assessment efforts


Proposal Format

Each proposal must contain the items listed below and should be no more than two pages. Submit two copies of your proposal to your department head. The department will retain one copy and send the other to the Associate Dean.


  • Today's date
  • Your name
  • Your rank
  • Your college and department
  • Your address
  • Expected dates of the project
  • Amount requested (maximum award $750)
  • Provide a brief description of the project.  Also include the following elements in your description: (a) how your project advances the goals identified in the CEHSP Vision; (b) the way(s) in which your project advances UMD Strategic Goals; (c) how the project contributes to your professional development.
  • An itemization of the basic categories and expenses of this project. If travel is anticipated as an expense, include transportation, lodging, meals, registration, etc.
  • An explanation of any external or internal funds you already have received for this project.


Click on this statement (Word file) to access the interactive format for entry and the printing of the two copies to be given to your Department Head by the stated deadline.


The CEHSP Vision and Goals will serve as the guiding principles for determining awards (See: )

In our Vision we state: “Our collective teaching, scholarship, and service supports student development as engaged citizens, reflective learners, critical thinkers, and evidence-informed practitioners in a culturally-sensitive, socially-just learning environment.” Our Goals reflect the domains in which we have decided that our Vision should be actualized. Awards, then, will be based on the extent to which the proposed project advances our Vision through the Goals that we have set for CEHSP.

We will be documenting our efforts toward advancing our Goals by archiving the reports generated by award recipients upon completion of their projects.


Submissions will be prioritized using the following guidelines

Department Head priority and comments: Please discuss this with your Department Head for their considerations and criteria. 

Quality of the Proposal: Proposal should provide a well-constructed rationale that clearly identifies how the project advances the Vision of CEHSP, how it supports your professional development and how it advances UMD strategic goals.

Other considerations: Awards will be distributed across departments to as many individuals as possible.

A proposal with a clearly articulated connection to the vision will receive higher a ranking than will a proposal with multiple connections that are marginally related to the vision.  In other words, more is not necessarily better.

Joint grants which ask for $750 per author are more complex because it limits the number of individual grants that can be awarded.

The purpose is "small grants" so cumulative proposals above $750 receive less priority.

Proposals will receive lower priority if other funding opportunities for the project are available.

Number of recent awards: New faculty or those who haven't applied recently receive a higher priority.

Applicants who failed to submit required follow-up report(s) on previously awarded Chancellor’s Faculty Small Grant will receive lower priority.