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Liberal Education Committee

The Liberal Education Subcommittee is charged with overseeing the campus’ liberal education program. The Liberal Education subcommittee works with other educational committees to review and strive toward continuous improvement of liberal education at UMD. The subcommittee will report to as well as act on behalf of the Teaching & Learning Committee. Specifically, the subcommittee will: revise and oversee the course submission process for courses to become part of the Liberal Education Program (LEP); review, accept or reject all courses proposed for inclusion in the LEP; monitor the LEP and make recommendations to the Teaching & Learning Committee relative to issues such as: (a) numbers of courses per category; (b) seat availability; (c) representation of courses at 1xxx-4xxx levels; (d) departmental and collegiate representation, and so forth; monitor the patterns of petitions for substitutions and advise EVCAA for future action and maintain channels of communication with the Assessment