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Probationary Faculty-Appraisal

Submit the following documents to your department head on the first day of spring semester. All of these documents will be placed in your file in the Dean's Office. (Sections 201.600-201.620 and 955.000-955.800 of the Contract). Please separate each section with colored paper. Notebooks, binders, dividers, extra APER forms, and title pages are not accepted. The annual letter with instructions from the EVCAA should be followed.

Materials should be submitted in the following order:

  • Annual Performance Evaluation Report: APER (Word file) This must be signed and dated by the faculty member before it is brought to the Dean's Office. APER's are submitted for probationary faculty appraisal and another is submitted for merit.
  • Probationary Faculty Appraisal Report (Word file) This report should be clear, concise, and relevant (less than four pages). List only what was done in the merit year.
  • Current Vita
  • Submit only ONE example of a current course syllabus used within the evaluation year.
  • Raw data on student evaluations (which will be returned).  [Clearly summarize course and instructor ratings and comments in your APER].
  • Publications (in progress work should not be submitted)
    1. Published
    2. In press
    3. Thank you notes and extra materials should not be submitted. Save these items for building a file for P&T.
  • Form 25 – The Department Head will consult with the academic unit's tenured faculty and provide an appraisal of the candidate's teaching, research, and service according to Section 7.11 of the Tenure Regulations and the unit's Section 7.12 statement.  The Department Head then provides an appraisal and recommendation on the Form 25 - Appraisals of Probationary Faculty (Word file).  This will be with the Dept. Head when you meet for your probationary faculty meeting.  It is signed and dated at the meeting.  The completed and signed Form 25 will be attached to the candidate's APER and Probationary Faculty Appraisal Report before it is sent to the Dean's office.