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Timeline for tenured faculty review

The following timeline for review of tenured faculty members has been established in coordination with UEA contract administrator Eileen Zeitz for spring semester 2009.

Timeline for review of tenured faculty members
March 1, 2009 Deadline for faculty to submit additional information to the Principal Administrator for the time period of January - February 2009.
March 11, 2009 Deadline for the notification of the department head by the Principal Administrator of a faculty member in that departmentwhose performance is believed to be substantially below departmental indices.
March 21, 2009 Last date for department head to convene a meeting of the tenured faculty members in the department (or ten days from date of notification).
March 31, 2009 Last date for submission of recommendation to the Principal Administrator by the department head (or ten days from department meeting).
April 11, 2009 Deadline for Principal Administrator to inform member of substandard performance including detailed performance expectations
April 21, 2009 Deadline for member response to Principal Administrator (or ten days from receipt of letter from Principal Administrator).
April 23-May 23   Grievance time period