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Graduate Program Council

October 16, 2006

Present: Helen Mongan-Rallis, Randy Gordon, Julie Ernst, Lynn Bye, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused: Faith Loven

By consensus, Helen Mongan-Rallis will chair the Council for a two-year term.


  • SW 5095, Special Topics: Cultural Competence, Learning Circles, 1 credit, was approved with minor modifications.
  • SW 5095, Special Topics: Addressing Alcohol Related Problems in Child Welfare Practice, 1-2 credits, was appraoved with minor modifications to explain the variable credit option.
  • Educ 5995, S pecial Topics: Introduction to On line Teaching and Learniang, 4 credits, was approved.

Two items were distributed: Descriptions of the Graduate Program and Academic Affairs Council from the CEHSP Constitution, and the Graduate Program policies as approved by GPC. Both contain the definition of membership of GPC, which includes graduate students representative of both Graduate School programs and collegiate programs. Helen will accept nominations of student representatives and appoint before the next meeting of the group.

It was also noted, according to the guidelines as set forth in the Constitution, no representation from Psychology or HPER is defined because there are no graduate programs in those departments. Typically HPER is represented through the Center for Environmental Education. Before any changes are recommended to the Constitution, Randy asked to get some feedback from Psychology. This discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Jackie reported that a Higher Learning Commission focus team will be on campus November 12-14 to review application for approval of two items:

  • Online delivery of graduate programming by the faculty in Education; and
  • Doctoral level programming (Ed.D.)

There was initial discussion, in review of the Graduate Program Policies, of the responsibilities of the GPC. Further discussion at future meetings.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder